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Welcome to our projects page, below you will find detailed information on all of our projects that we are currently planning and fundraising for. Stay tuned for more updates about our projects on here, and our news feed. 

A common Ghanaian road

“Consequently, many individuals die simply because they were unable to get to our clinic, or the clinic was unable to transport them to a surgery center.”

Projected Completion date: summer 2018

Ambulance Project

The foundation has made a large impact on the region despite our small size, and this year we aim to continue our support and increase our efforts to help the people of Ghana. One issue that we have seen first hand, is the lack of transportation infrastructure to get sick and or injured individuals to the clinic. There are drive-able roads, but very rarely are there cars passing through that are willing to transport people to the clinic. Consequently, many individuals die simply because they were unable to get to our clinic, or the clinic was unable to transport them to a surgery center.

There are several ways that we can go about resolving this issue. The most feasible of which is for the foundation to find a suitable used ambulance, or other viable vehicle that we can then ship over to Tema, Ghana, a nearby shipping port. Currently, we are pursuing several avenues to procure an ambulance, and also researching shipping costs and export procedures.

We hope to get an ambulance to the Oworobong Clinic by the summer of 2018, as it is becoming a growing necessity to have a medical transport vehicle. But we need your help. Donations to the Foundation will go directly to funding our Ambulance Project. If you want to get a little more involved, or if you have a suitable vehicle to use as an ambulance, do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than welcome to have a conversation with you.

Check back in our news feed for updates as this project progresses.



Computer Centers Project

During our most recent visit to Oworobong, we had many different conversations with individuals from the surrounding villages to take stock in what the communities needed. It became to clear to us when we were there that the Foundation is in a position to help with the technological modernization of the Kwahu South region.


Therefore, we are currently planning on creating around four or five computer centers in Oworobong, and the surrounding communities of Awisasu, Odumase, and Oframase. These centers would become focal points for knowledge and connection for the villages in their educational, occupational, and recreational pursuits. These computer centers are also slated to have solar panels to make them self-sufficient on their own energy. Each one of these locations requires extensive planning and investment of time and money. However, work has already begun, such as the procurement of a former bank building in Oframase which is pictured above. Consider helping us in this endeavor with a donation to the Foundation.


“These centers would become focal points for knowledge and connection…”