The Make Cents Movement

The Make Cents Movement is a student-led international movement that looks to involve students in fundamental challenges and solutions to global health problems. Almost every photo on our website is from the Foundation’s most recent trip to Ghana, in which there were multiple high school aged attendees, all of which are members of the Make Cents Movement. 

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     This movement has been created so that students around the country can single-handedly provide scholarships for health professionals in Africa through both passive and active fundraising efforts. Through change collection and grassroots fundraising, the Make Cents Movement looks to involve local students in the real health care challenges of rural Africa.

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     In Africa, preventable diseases kill hundreds of thousands of people each day. By joining the movement, and involving local students in your community, you are literally pushing forward a movement for equitable education and health care in Africa.

Contact Us to learn more about how you can start a new chapter in the Make Cents Movement. We will provide all the materials and instructions needed. All you need is the passion to start.Button